Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Best Lighting Solutions At Wholesale Prices

We at are an LED lighting specialist based out of Leicester City. We are the principal suppliers of LED lights and associated products in England and Ireland, and have been doing so for quite some time now. Our formula to success is simple yet extremely effective: Good products that sell themselves, speedy service that never disappoints, prompt and pleasant customer after sales support and a comprehensive guarantee for all our products. These are the golden rules, when followed make any business successful, profitable and dependable.

Our products include but are not limited to, LED Lights, LED spotlights, LED Lightbulbs, LED tapes, power supplies and LED controllers, floodlights, deck lights, LED strips and strip kits, so on and so forth. We deal exclusively in LED because it is an established fact that LED’s save more electricity than ever before, hence are power efficient which means you save money every time you switch on a light. And we all know money saved is money earned. Also LED are more long lasting. They have extended life, which means they spend more time on the socket and you spend less time changing them.

We offer everything from straight retrofits to customised lighting solutions like flexible LED strips that are the ultimate accessories for trendy and efficient lighting. We sell LED Light Bulbs that are of top notch quality and thus we provide guarantees on them. This is the reason we have a clientele we can boast about. Great quality at wholesale prices, with speedy deliveries, prompts service and assured guarantees. A 28 day no questions asked return policy and 5 years of warranty on most of the products we sell is enough surety for anyone to close their eyes and buy our products. Visit our website for more detailed catalogues and placing online orders.

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